Specialty & Other Services

Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Program encompasses Enrichment, Supported Employment and Enrichment IndustriesEnrichment provides psychosocial rehabilitation and adult day training for adults with mental illness, developmental disabilities and /or co-occurring disorders. These services are designed to help participants live and work more fully in the community and improve the quality of their lives. The groups offered by Enrichment target increasing independent living, social and/or employment skills and include pre-vocational training, coping, life and social skills trainings, Job Club, basic math, basic reading, as well as group and individual therapy.  Supported Employment provides assistance to individuals desiring competitive employment in the community.  These services include screening and job matching, job development, job placement, on-site training assistance, and life-long follow-along services to help the individual maintain employment.

Enrichment Industries

Enrichment Industries (EI) provides support to manufacturers and other companies with their light manufacturing, assembling, packaging, and promotional product services at Enrichment in Daytona Beach.  EI also manufacturers their own line of products which are available for sale (crab traps, safety glasses and goggles, ear plugs, office wall clocks, dust mops and jumper cables)   

Another component of EI is Service Contracts, which provides janitorial and lawn care services for public and private entities.  The goal is to provide quality services while providing employment opportunities for individuals with disabling conditions.  The service contracts maintain a 75% or better ratio of work being completed by individuals with a disabling condition at all sites.