Residential Services

SMA offers residential addiction treatment for adolescents and adults, crisis shelter for adolescents, and supportive housing for adults.  These programs include:

Women Assisting Recovering Mothers

WARM (Women Assisting Recovering Mothers) at the Vince Carter Sanctuary is a long-term residential treatment facility for women exhibiting symptoms of drug and alcohol dependence, with slots designated for women who are pregnant, post partum, and parenting young children.  The women live on campus in a therapeutic and supportive environment.  Those with children are able to have their children (under the age of 6) in residence with them.  Children age 6 and older are able to visit on weekends.  WARM provides a broad range of services based upon the client needs as identified during the admission assessment.

DeLand Men’s Residential Treatment Program

DeLand Men’s Residential Treatment Program (DMRT) is a substance abuse treatment program accepting both voluntary and involuntary clients experiencing a wide variety of substance abuse/dependence issues.  Besides the primary focus on substance abuse disorders, the program is designed to effectively manage co-occurring mental health issues.  DMRT provides a structured atmosphere, promoting self-awareness through individual, group, community-based therapy and psychiatric intervention.

Residential Adolescent Program

The Residential Adolescent Program (RAP) is a substance abuse treatment program serving substance dependent youth ages 13-17, utilizing individual, group and family interventions.  The average length of stay is 4-6 months.  The proven principles of AA/NA are the foundation for the clinical program.  Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is an important ingredient in treatment, along with positive peer culture, reality therapy, outdoor therapeutic model, experiential learning theory, and behavior modification systems.  Education services are provided by Volusia County Schools.  The program is co-occurring capable, staffed by licensed and certified therapists, nurses, and youth specialists.


BEACH House is a shelter that provides short-term respite for youth ages 10-17 who are truant, ungovernable or runaway/homeless.  Referrals come from CINS/FINS court, (Children in Need of Services/Families in Need of Services), SMA’s CINS/FINS Service Manager, Safe Place sites, law enforcement, school personnel and parents.  We provide youth in our care with shelter, meals, individual and group counseling, educational groups and family therapy.  Our goal is family reunification and assisting the family in building communication skills and relationships.  Program staff also promote awareness activities related to youth at risk in our community.

Supportive Housing Program

SMA’s Supportive Housing Program provides a safe, sober and supportive living environment for persons who are homeless.  It specifically targets the chronically addicted, often dually-diagnosed, who are residing in unsuitable environments.  Permanent housing sites are currently in use for homeless persons with disabilities in six locations through Volusia County.  Because SMA’s recovery homes operate at capacity most of the time, and in an effort to address the housing needs of clients leaving SMA’s residential programs, a referral network has been developed with other supportive housing options in the community.