Justice Services

Reality House (Tomoka TC)

Reality House is a 173-bed, adult male residential program, contracted through the Florida Department of Corrections . This facility provides a 9 to 12 month residential substance abuse treatment program and a Work Release Program. It is the only therapeutic community of its kind in Florida offered to inmates outside the walls of a prison. Milieu therapy and social learning theory provide the foundation for the recovery and reentry process. Services include culinary arts program, individual and group counseling, family education, recreation, spiritual services, self help groups, anger management, communication skills, daily living skills, domestic violence groups, family dynamics group, drug screening, gradual reintegration back into the community, gainful employment, accumulation of savings from paid employment, and outside referrals as needed.

Reality House (Tomoka TC) – Highest Success Rate in the State of Florida

SMA Work Release

SMA Work Release is a newly private contracted Florida Department of Corrections 84-bed work release facility. The program allows selected inmates to work at paid employment in the community during the last months of their confinement. Inmates must return back to the facility at the end of each workday. Work Release provides: Gradual reintegration back into the community, Gainful employment, Accumulation of savings from paid employment, Preservation of family and community ties, Culinary Courses, Participation in self-help programs, Fifty beds are available for outpatient substance counseling.

Adult Justice Re-Entry Program

The Adult Justice Re-Entry Program located at Columbia Correctional Institution in Lake City, Florida, provides multiple services for the Department of Corrections and the inmates assigned to them. First is the Re-Entry Transitional Program itself, which is the only program to serve high risk, close custody inmates in the state regardless of crime committed, using a “modified therapeutic community” approach. The Re-Entry Transitional Program provided life skills, job readiness, and socialization skills training to 383 client-inmates during FY 2014-15. There is also TIER 1 Substance Abuse Prevention classes, serving 115 general population inmates, and “Thinking For Change” (T4C) classes to 47 general population inmates during FY 2014-15, in addition to Anger Management classes (20) and “Parenting From Inside” classes to an additional 13 general population inmates, for.  

SMA Foodservice

The SMA Foodservice is responsible for preparing and delivering breakfast, lunch, and dinner to 10 separate facilities, which accounts for over 1400 meals per day. The meals are prepared out of Reality House, where the SMA Food Service staff members are responsible for the clients at Reality House working back in the kitchen. In addition, the clients at Reality House and SMA Work Release are also offered an educational opportunity through the Culinary Arts Program. This affords them instruction in Nutrition, Restaurant Management, Food Production, Dining Room Apprentice, and the Food Safety Manager certification which is all accredited through the University of Florida. Some clients, if qualified, can gain certification through the American Culinary Federation by earning the Certified Culinarian, or the Certified Pastry Culinarian distinction.