“Thank you so very much for your assistance.  I greatly appreciate everything you are putting in place so my son has a place to rehab.  I am a firm believer in the 12-step program after watching my daughter complete the program and is now clean for 1-1/2 years.”

My child has done “a 180 degree” turn around. She is not seeing her boyfriend as much, she is not hanging around the same “bad crowd”, she is coming home “before curfew” and her grades have improved dramatically & she is attending school. He said, “the last 2 weeks have been incredible! It could not have happened without the help of Beach House. Please thank all of the staff and counselors for everything they did.”

Regarding Sheltered Workshops Testimonial – PDF

“ From the beginning all staff members at your crisis unit treated my sister with compassion and respect.  My sister is now doing very well and I am impressed with the services SMA continues to provide for my sister.  The Pharmacy staff has been very kind and your Finance department has really worked on setting up a payment schedule that works..”

“My daughter is clean and sober for 5 years today!  She was addicted to Heroin.  She is alive and well today!  Thank you for all the hard work and dedication of the staff for her new life!  Your staff was a Godsend to my daughter and our family.  I firmly believe my daughter would not be alive and well today without the 30 day treatment she received.  She went on to a half-way house, and is now on her own, thriving and happier than she has ever been!  Thank you for her life!.”

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that your staff went above and beyond in their efforts to assist a co-worker who was overwhelmed with a family crisis.  As we know the disease of addiction can impact anyone at anytime and they  were right there ready to assist by linking and referring a family in need to a plethora of resources.  I commend your staff for their knowledge and dedication.”

“I want to thank your for your discharge planner who helped my brother when he left your program.  I thought I’d lost him and SMA guided me and my brother and made the transition smooth for a new chapter in my brother’s life. With a lifetime of awful stuff. How marvelous you made the meaning of life matter to him.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I have him back!.”