Keep Kids Drug Free Regional Prevention Center

Keep Kids Drug Free tag sales support SMA’s Prevention Center

The East Central Florida Keep Kids Drug Free Regional Prevention Center makes presentations and disseminates free materials to the community on alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse prevention. Prevention strategies include educating the community on risk and protective factors related to drug abuse, training and equipping community leaders with tools to prevent substance use and suicide, and promoting educational activities and opportunities for youth.  The KKDF RPC is funded by the KKDF specialty license tag which can be purchased at all Florida State Tag Offices.

Healthy Start Program

SMA’s Healthy Start Program provides in-home services to pregnant and postpartum women, and women with children aged newborn to three.  Some of the services offered and/or provided are needs assessments, home visits, community referrals, educational information, and on-going support.  Healthy Start staff educate parents about prenatal care, immunizations, nutrition, well-baby care, mental health, housing assistance, day care assistance, HIV testing, tobacco free lifestyles, and  career development.

Prevention on the Move

SMA provides specialty prevention services through a mobile Prevention on the Move (POM) unit, staffed with prevention professionals who bring services to our clients in care and to our communities where individuals might otherwise not be able to access services. POM’s 37-foot RV travels throughout the community providing HIV “rapid test” and Hepatitis screening and testing, and linkages to care for participants who test positive for HIV or Hepatitis, or who have other needs.